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This practical LED lighting set offers a quick, economical way to glamourize he Gaudi wall entertainment unit. These lights are discreet in nature, easy-to-install and completely glare-free.

LED Lighting for Gaudi 01 Wall Entertainment Unit

  • Lights Not Replaceable 
  • Clips:
    • Transparent clip, blue light, 0.25 W, cable, packed in a bag.
  • Spot:
    • Lighting fixture - aluminium spot/square, transparent lampshade, blue light, cable 1.5W, all packed in a cardboard box.
  • Profil:
    • 1 x 10 x 10 milky L 1595mm profile with tape 2835 3/5 Blue with 2m cable + 4 mounting brackets (6.6W) bag, total power 6.6W, all packed in a bag, dedicated to Gaudi VA.
  • Trafo:
    • 12W power supply, cable, 6-point splitter, foot switch, all packed in a bag.
  • Distributor:
    • 6 point divider collective packaging (without bags).
  • Extension Cable:
    • 2m plug-plug cable

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