In The Spotlight: Arti 3 - 2 Sliding Door Wardrobe

Sometimes you need function, and sometimes you want style. There aren't many times when you get the opportunity to combine the two. With this wonderful sliding door wardrobe you will have more storage than you can possible imagine.  The wardrobe is created from a high quality laminate chipboard, and it is ideally suited for a small room where space is limited.  

With 3 removable shelves and two hanging rails, you can design the internal layout in a variety of ways to maximize the space available. Everyone has unique needs and layout desires so this function really allows you to customize the internal layout to give you exactly what you need.  

The mirrored doors provide a variety of functions, they will help to reflect the natural light more effectively, and it will add to the brightness of the room. The reflectiveness of the mirrors will also help make your small space look larger. 

The wardrobe comes with a a variety of colors so you can match it into any existing bedroom decor. Additionally the wardrobe itself is easy to assemble so everyone can put it together with ease. If space is limited but appearances are essential then the sliding door wardrobe is perfect for you.  

On top of the ideal size there are many customizable options. As we had mentioned you can change the layout of the shelves to suit your needs but there are other options available as well. You can pick your color choice, and you can also select to have LED lighting as well.

The 16mm laminated boards provide a durable option that can help last the test of time. You will love the simple yet elegant design as much as you love the form, fit, and function of this piece. Ideal for a variety of rooms from kids to adults, you will not be disappointed with your choice to purchase this wardrobe.


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