About Us


The idea of Arthauss Furniture was inspired by a Lincoln-based family’s own struggle with decorating their house. A dismaying correlation was discovered between quality furniture and exorbitant prices, further worsened by the severe lack of diversity in colours, designs, and skilled craftsmanship. It seemed that the industry was in dire need of a complete make-over. The market had less to offer, and it was challenging not just in terms of aesthetics but also the practicality and storage space offered. Conventional furniture was going out of fashion in more ways than one, and smaller residences had to suffer the consequences of outdated trends.

A struggle led to a realization, and this, in turn, transformed into a passionate dream. All of this took place from a spare room of a small house, but an unparalleled level of enthusiasm and fervour to take the furniture industry to the next level.

Today, the same family-owned company, now known as the renowned furniture retailer Arthauss Furniture, has grown exponentially with warehouses all over the country and a prosperous and ongoing trading service since 2013.

We have an overly simple formula for success: happy customers, happy us. Other than that, all our strategies are based on using the latest technologies and implementing modern management methods, guaranteeing professional and comprehensive customer service, price flexibility, and timely delivery. To facilitate our nationwide service, Arthauss Furniture also uses logistics systems and its exceptional team of market analysts to come up with creative storage solutions for its customers.

Our exclusive ties with factories around Europe allow us to keep a diverse and updated inventory to meet the growing needs of customers. The furniture we offer is, thus, ergonomically and functionally thought-out, multi-purpose with a versatile structure, and designed to use the available floor space cleverly.

As Arthauss Furniture looks to the future, the company is working hard to constantly find ways to improve its service and become the ultimate home-décor destination. We believe this vision of ours can only be fulfilled by the satisfaction of our customers. For this reason, we are always happy to hear your reviews, comments, and feedback on any of our products. We genuinely take on board and appreciate all of the suggestions you give us.