Benefits of Bunk Beds

There's nothing more entertaining for children and cost-effective for parents than purchasing a bunk bed. Embellishing your child's room might be a precarious and rather challenging task, especially when the room does not offer sufficient place. Nevertheless, bunk beds can be an outstanding addition to your child's chamber and fulfil various functions which would otherwise require separate pieces of furniture. Let's take a deeper look into how bunk beds can help parents and children.

They save space

Perhaps the best thing a bunk bed can do is conserve space in an already compact room. This is because they are by default designed to fit a very small area and sleep up to 2-3 individuals at once. Some bunk beds come with enough compartments for practically anything you could need space for. The Wooden Bunk Bed Blanka by Arthauss is a commendable example in this case. It has been designed in a remarkably appealing way which frees up a tremendous amount of floor space for other things. It is also great for apartments and residences where the rooms are small and there is not enough space for cabinets because the bed comes with storage drawers.

They are attractive

Bunk beds are crafted from various wood types that can beautify your room’s furnishings. The wood can also be repainted to match the colour scheme of your room. Nevertheless, the bunk beds offered by Arthauss all come in at least three different colours so you don't need to go through the hassles of repainting anything. These colours range from the traditional white, the warm pine, the bold graphite and the sophisticated grey.

They are fun

Bunk beds offer much more than a conventional bed ever can. For young kids and teens, bunk beds provide a playful environment. Siblings stay close while still having their personal space. The miniature stairs act as an amusement factor and enable the kids to go wild with their imagination. Some prefer to role play, as if living in a two-storey house, while others pretend to be the kings and queens on their mighty fortress.

They are safe

For siblings with an age difference, bunk beds are an absolute must as the elder one can easily and conveniently keep the younger ones safe. The Wooden Bunk Bed Blanka by Arthauss is made out of solid pine which makes it exceptionally strong and much more durable than its counterparts. As additional security, tall guardrails have also been installed on the upper and lower beds which are high enough to make sure there's no chance for your little one to slump down.

They are flexible

Bunk beds are made to be flexible. But some just go one step further. The Wooden Bunk Bed Blanka by Arthauss is incredibly versatile in nature. The upper bed can be taken apart and used as a separate regular bed, which means the lower one is also free to
move around and utilized as a conventional bed. There is also a trundle bed with large compartments that can be used as storage drawers. You no longer need to worry about purchasing extra cabinets for your young ones.

If your children don't like the location of the ladder or the fact that they have protective rails on each side of their bed, the ladder is universal and hence can be assembled on either side of their beds and the guardrails for the lower bed can be removed when needed.



Bunk beds offer a fascinating aspect to a room and you'll be really glad you bought one. The Wooden Bunk Bed Blanka by Arthauss is exceptionally useful, charmingly fashionable and extremely safe, so your children are certainly going to be delighted to have it in their room!

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