Benefits of Murphy Beds

Even though the majority of us don't spend a lot of time in our bedrooms, nobody likes the idea of a cramped up room. Unfortunately, many people have very limited space to work with and are inclined to assume that there is no hope left for them except for knocking down a wall for expansion or moving into a completely new residence. If this sounds like you, keep on reading to find out how a Murphy bed can help transform your room.

1. Murphy beds can save tremendous amounts of space

Murphy beds can be incredibly convenient and affordable for people who are not very fond of the small rooms in their house. Regardless of whether or not it is your bedroom, a Murphy bed can convert any room into a living room. This exquisite piece of furniture can be folded up in the wall and closed in its cabinet-like container to free up tremendous amounts of otherwise wasted valuable space. This can help reduce the clutter and allow the room to become more spacious. Top this space-saving ability with Arthauss Bed Concept’s availability in six different measurements that can accommodate mattresses of various widths. These include 90,120, 140, 160 and 180cm. If you’re someone who likes to customize their room in their way, Arthauss makes it a definite reality.


 2. They are versatile and serve multiple purposes

Murphy beds are the definition of style and elegance. They are the next best thing in interior designing because they can go along with almost any kind of decor. Since they are custom-built, their colours can be selected to match those of your room. Some better quality beds are available with storage compartments and shelving which can serve as the perfect nightstands, armoires, bookshelves and even an ideal place for showcasing your precious ornaments.

The Arthauss Bed Concept is the perfect example in this case. It comes with cabinet-like shelves which can be used for interior storage. For a unique vibe, there are also LED lights under each of the shelves which make the overall structure elegant, beautiful and vibrant. But this is just one of the types of luxurious decorations available. For the more adventurous minds, Arthauss offers its customers the ability to choose from a selection of three different types of lightings, including a lamp with a USB port and external LED lighting panels. These shelves can be safely closed by folding up the bed. The primary leg that the unfolded bed rests upon will convert into an integrated handle and blend in with the surroundings to perfectly match your room’s colour scheme. In case you’re not interested in a vertically folding bed, Arthauss also offers horizontally folding beds with all the unique features that come with the vertical version.


3. Highly durable components with an unparalleled level of safety

Most of the Murphy beds are considered safe for usage by adults and responsible
teenagers. But, what seemingly appears safe can also become dangerous if treated improperly. For this reason, the Arthauss Bed Concepts are designed and manufactured in an exceptionally vigilant and professional method to ensure that they are sturdy and robust. The post-production process includes a meticulous procedure of quality inspection and examination to make sure that that the beds can withstand an exceeding large amount of pressure.

As a result, the Arthauss Bed Concepts are certified as perfectly safe for children of all ages. They can be used by anyone in the family, regardless of how young or old they are. Our strict safety standards ascertain that our customers get nothing short of perfection.

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