Bookcases for Style and Versatility in Your Home

Back in the old days, bookcases basically had no other use but to provide ample storage space for books of different sizes and volume. But with the advent of modern technology coupled with merging of style and functionality, this furniture item has evolved into a lot more apart from its traditional purpose. 

In this modern era, bookcases are becoming more of a fashion statement. This is also because of the fact that more and more manufacturers saw the need to come up with more contemporary designs to fit the style of today’s fashion. Because of the contemporary designs of the modern bookshelves, this furniture piece is no longer restricted in one corner of the house or office. The wide array of stylish bookcases and their different designs are allowing households to utilize these furniture pieces as decorative racks, cabinets and versatile storage spots to organize a range of different items.

(Qubic Bookcase)

Bookcases for Multi-purpose Storage

So how does this versatility benefit you? Well, to start off, this means a myriad of storage options are available that can be utilized in any way and anywhere in your home. Depending on what you wish to put in them and where you want to use them, the different types and designs of bookcases are literally endless. Excluding the obvious horizontal shelf-style racks, now these furniture pieces are coming with creatively-placed shelves, practical drawers, closed compartments, hinged doors, LED lights and glazed sections that truly create a mesmerizing combination to make you proud of your investment. For this reason, some people place DVDs and small trinkets in their bookcases whilst others think out of the box and use the shelves as a way to exhibit their most prized possessions, trophies and memorable photo albums. So, gone are the days of the same monotonously-styled bookcases. 

Bookcases to Save Floor Space

Bookcases are no longer meant to just rest on the floor. In fact, many new designs focus more on practicality and convenience rather than just providing storage space. Due to this factor, there is a huge variety of bookcases that are completely different from what you would generally encounter. These include modular, mountable and cornered. Although you may have read, or even personally used, the last one, the first two are the ones we will be focusing on here. These styles of bookcases do not use any floor space at all, instead they utilize the empty walls or existing pieces of furniture to accommodate themselves. Interesting, isn’t it?

If you think about it, crowding and cluttering are a major problem in many households, perhaps even in yours. People commonly shop for furniture pieces that provide the same level of storage capacity but are not as bulky, hefty and huge as conventional or outdated ones would be. Once again, enter the modern bookcases here and you will have found a very subtle solution for your home.

Modular Bookcases

Modular bookcases are adorable cube-style frame of compartments. These are cleverly-designed to be as independent as possible so it is extremely common to encounter a single-compartment bookcase that offers one shelf. However, pairs and trios are not uncommon either. The objective is to allow you as much freedom as possible in what you wish to do with these small modular shelves. This is why it’s always a good idea to consider buying them in bulk as they are cost-effective and portable. 

Once you’ve got the right number of them, you can either place these tiny bookcases on a wardrobe, an existing cabinet or mount them on a wall in your living room, bedroom, hallway or anywhere else you desire. How you arrange them is completely up to your imagination. It is like a block-building game where you are the artist, but with a catch. The canvas is your walls and you have to be really careful not to be hammering nails everywhere. It is always a good idea to take a picture of the potential wall and using a mobile or computer application, draw basic outlines of these bookcases to see what they would look like. Of course, this can be done with a pen and a paper too, it’s up to you.

Hanging Bookcases

Hanging bookcases are mountable pieces of furniture that are meant exclusively for the walls. These vary in style and number of shelves they offer but all serve the same purpose of decluttering your home and saving the floor-space. 

Many bookcases from this category also offer drawers and closed compartments which can be incredibly useful in a child’s room. Storing stationery, displaying the most favourite stuffed animals, showing off achievements and trophies – these are some of the functions performed by such bookcases. Although you can’t store large items in them, you most definitely can free up space in your wardrobe and cabinet by neatly organizing the personal trinkets and small accessories.

Corner Bookcases

Corner bookshelves are attractive, practical and useful. Take a look around your home, how many corners are you really using effectively? If you're like a lot of people, you could be taking advantage of the corners with some freestanding bookcases that wouldn't make the area look crowded, but they would definitely keep it from feeling empty.

Corner bookshelves aren't meant to hold a lot. If you tried to place a standard rectangular bookcase there, you'd have a problem with the angles. You can't put books in at both angles since they'd block each other off, so you're probably better off with a smaller unit that holds less, but displays the books better. Another possibility is to combine your books with knick-knacks or vases.

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