Creating a Spacious Bedroom in a Small Residence

The arrangement of a small bedroom requires a skilful and thoughtful plan. Because we only have a limited floor space to work with, every inch is going to matter. This is, of course, quite a challenge, but after reading this blog, you will discover that you don’t need much to efficiently manage a small room. In fact, all you need are a few pieces of furniture and a complete transformation will take place before your eyes. 

(Arti 2 - 3 Sliding Door Wardrobe 250cm)

Consider Buying a Sliding Door Wardrobe

In times where storage capacity cannot be sacrificed, you don’t always need to look for a smaller wardrobe or give up your precious belongings. Sometimes, it’s the little things that matter and make the most difference. The type of doors on your wardrobe could be taking a significant amount of space to open. Think about this, if you are using a closet that has hinged doors, you have no choice but to permanently leave a gap between them and your bed, or any other furniture near it. Now depending on how comfortable you want the movement to be in your room, the more the size of this gap, the more convenient it will be. But, as a result, more floor space will be covered. The same applies to other confined spaces, e.g., narrow hallways, where the installation of an opening cabinet door would mean a complete blockage of the passage.

Sliding doors are the only salvation in this situation. Better yet, clever ergonomics and efficient use of floor space are not the only benefits you get. These wardrobes are also very aesthetic and tempting with their original appearance. Countless colour variations and different types of sliding door materials are available on the market to suit your needs: mirrored, gloss, wooden oak, textured with carvings, and the list goes on. There is literally an endless array of options to choose from. Some wardrobes also allow you to customize their inner layout e.g., by installing additional shelves or hanging rods. 

(BC-01 Vertical Wall Bed Concept 140cm)

Get a Wall Bed 

Multifunctional furniture is an increasingly popular proposition for owners of small residences. Thanks to such furniture, you can not only save a lot of space, but also feel really comfortable in your home. One of the most prominent ones in this category are wall beds. These beds have a closet-like structure which is fixed to the wall and it is pulled down to reveal the bed inside. The simple ones offer just this, whilst the modern and more functional ones have storage compartments and shelves built inside their closet, apart from the storage space for the bed.

Among the most important advantages of wall beds is undoubtedly their remarkable space-saving ability. This type of built-in furniture is most successful in studio apartments and small houses. They allow you to transform a living room into a bedroom or guest room and vice versa, whenever you need. Modern wall beds use latest technology to enjoy a noiseless opening and closing system with hydraulic lifts that are absolutely effortless to handle and take no time. In addition, they also have protective systems incorporated in them to keep the bed maintained in the air, at whatever angle it was, in case the user has to suddenly attend to a door or a phone call. Often, these beds come with special belts that can be used to maintain the bedding, so you don’t have to worry about an unmade bed every time you wake up.

(Loft Chest of Drawers)

Declutter the Space with a Chest of Drawers

We all have small items and garments that we use on a daily basis. Most of us store them in our wardrobes, simply because we don’t have the appropriate furniture for them. For a child, these items are in much greater numbers and much variety can be found in them. From toys to media accessories, school books to stationery items, the list goes on. 

Roomy drawers are ideal for storing these kinds of items, and others that you may not have thought about before. In a small interior, a chest of drawers can be an excellent complement to the wardrobe. It is also worth exploiting the surface of these chests as large shelves and utilizing them for displaying decorative trinkets or organizing book collections. 

(Verona Bedroom Furniture Set)

Handy Tips for a Comfier Bedroom

  1. Be sure to combine comfort with functionality. When choosing any furniture for a small bedroom, bet on minimalism. Bright models with a lightweight design, streamlined shapes and dimensions proportional to the size of the room will therefore work best. 
  2. Choose versatility and practicality. The bedroom very often acts as a dressing room, so any walk-in wardrobes will work remarkably well in a small interior, allowing you to make the most of the space. Such a wardrobe – essentially with numerous drawers – is very roomy. You can fit clothes, under-garments and any accessories here.
  3. Install some mirrors. There is not enough way to stress over this. These incredible pieces of furniture can work wonders anywhere they are put. If you install them on the sliding doors of your wardrobe, even a tiny bedroom will seem larger and more spacious. They will reflect more sunlight, add vibrance to the space and serve as dressing supports. Whether you use them as decorative elements or essential components of the bedroom, you will find mirrors to be useful in every occasion. 
  4. Don’t forget the walls. Even though a small bedroom may not look like much, the empty walls are always there. Use them to hang a floating cabinet, a bookcase, or a shelf. Balance is important, so try to create an equilibrium by neither storing too much on the floor nor too much on the walls.

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