Easy Storage Solutions For A Small Living Room

The living room is one of the most important parts of a house. Regardless of how small or big your residence is, this room will play its due role. Everything from spending time with family, watching favourite shows, organizing memorable parties, video gaming to delighting in occasional tea and snacks, or even entire meals if the room serves a dual purpose. The point is, living room is where all the beautiful memories are created.

However, not everyone has the luxury of affording a large house. Is there any cost-effective way for us to enjoy a bigger, spacious and multi-functional living room that caters to the needs of all household members? Here’s the good news, whether you live in a studio apartment or an extremely tiny residence, you can completely transform everything by just following the tips that we are about to mention in this blog. Excited? Let’s jump right in! 

Aleppo Entertainment Unit

Get a Modular Entertainment Unit

Modular entertainment units combine elegance, functionality and practicality. They work in any space, are ideal for both modern and classic residences and perfectly resonate to the lifestyles and tastes of a range of different people. The modern units of today will allow you to create original arrangements perfectly tailored to your needs. They are a great tool to emphasize individuality and, most importantly, use the available floor space in the best possible manner.

In a nutshell, modular furniture adapts to the needs of the household, and not vice versa, which is what makes it so versatile and useful. All you have to do is figure out how much storage space you are looking for and in what form you would prefer it. This is why it is also important to take a good look at the cabinets, chests of drawers, shelves and other modules offered in an entertainment unit. After all, extra space is good but less space can be a problem.

Ines Coffee Table

Choose Modern Coffee Tables

The coffee table is an ornament of the living room, the axis around which rest of the room is furnished. It should not only be functional, but also aesthetic and practical so that it complements the whole arrangement of the space around it. 

For a small living room, a modern coffee table can do wonders. Small size, myriad of designs and colours, multifunctionality, adaptability to any space, and most importantly, versatility. Today, many coffee tables have incorporated ingenious storage solutions in them, including hinged doors, open compartments, additional shelves and drawers. 

As a result, you get plenty of space where you can conveniently serve your guests with coffee and snacks, play a board game with friends, set a delightful vase with a bouquet of fresh flowers, spread scented candles, and also have your favourite books, magazines and remote controllers at hand. 

Roys Corner Sofa

Buy a Corner Sofa

When the living room is not generous with floor space, every part of it needs to be strategically planned and then furnished, including the areas that you would otherwise not think about i.e., seating and relaxation. There is nothing better than a corner sofa in this situation. When properly positioned and adapted to the interior, the corner sofa will become a focal point of the room. It will affect not only the aesthetics, but also the functionality of the home interior. 

Compact L-shaped corner sofas work the best in small living rooms. They have a well-built design, offer twice the comfort and durability and allow lots of freedom in furniture arrangement – you can set them in a corner or use the sofas to create separate zones, e.g., seating and dining. It is also worth noting that L-shaped corner sofas use a lot less floor space than a traditional sofa would. With little difference in price, they provide a great bargain whilst offering the same, or even a better, level of comfort and sometimes innovative features that cannot be found anywhere else e.g., built-in storage. 

Corner sofas are ideal both in modern interiors, as well as in arrangements that focus on classic retro solutions. Of course, creating a cosy and fully functional living room is a difficult challenge, however, the right choice of furniture and accessories, as well as the right colour scheme, will provide an interior that will meet even the toughest of requirements.

Extra Tips and Tricks

Clean it up!

Although it sounds like a cliché, cleaning up excess things every day and embracing the household disdain does wonders in a small interior. Like a cluttered coffee table, messy TV cabinet or books or magazines on the sofas, instead of being in a cabinet.

Brighten the interior and remember mirrors.

These are two more tricks for optically enlarging a small space. Bright colours (especially white) favours small residences, as do all shiny, reflective surfaces. Therefore, in a living room with limited space, for example, high-gloss furniture, reflective floors, white walls, curtains, and furniture will work remarkably well. To further enlarge the space optically, be sure to invest in mirrors (typically on walls and not so typically on cabinets with mirrored doors).

Think out-of-the-box.

Your house is a canvas and you’re the painter. Think carefully before every stroke of brush. Take a look around and think about where else you can use the extra storage space. See what else you can do – perhaps the walls are too empty and could use more shelves? What about a combination of identical shelves arranged stylishly?  Can an additional storage zone be created under the ceiling, under the walks, in the corner, in the couch (if it has a storage container)? 

Less is better.

Try to fulfil your room’s storage requirements with a single entertainment unit, one or two corner sofas and a coffee table. Don’t buy additional furniture, it will only overwhelm the space. If you have too much to store, consider selling some of the mundane things. If that is not possible, transform the walls into storage spots.


Furnishing a living room with limited space requires a bit of artistic thinking. There is a myriad of furniture options available in the market but what you buy needs to be creative, strategic and well-planned for the dimensions of the space. We have highlighted the most fundamental furniture options in this blog and explained why they are better than their traditional alternatives. At the end of the day, it all narrows down to a couple of words: multi-functionality, practicality and aesthetics.  

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