Five Reasons Why Sofa Beds Are A Better Alternative to Traditional Sofas

Interior designing trends have been changing in the last few decades. While there has been an induction of modern furniture in the homes of people, minimalism is something which has become more of a lifestyle with modern and trendy furniture. Keeping this in mind, Arthauss has been coming up with the best way to make use of your lounge and bedroom space by offering sofa beds. While it may sound fancy and tricky, it is simply a sofa which can be converted into a bed - which is an excellent alternative to a regular sofa.


1. Multipurpose usage

No need to worry if you have guests coming over at home and you are short on space to provide them with beds to sleep since your sofa bed will accommodate you well. The sofa beds like Nici Corner Sofa Bed and Sonia Corner Sofa Bed offer the most seating space during the day and a comfortable sleeping bed space at night. You can grab these two beauties from the official website of Arthauss. 


2. Various shapes and sizes

The sofa beds are not shaped in a regular bed shape or a square-shaped sofa. Instead, they come in various shapes like box, love-seats, two-seaters, three-sweaters and L-shaped, which can be quickly converted into the useful spaces to be used as the sofas. The sizes of the sofa beds could vary and can be easily customised as per your room space. 

You can choose various sofas in the box, love-seats, two-seaters, three-seater and L-shapes from the Arthauss catalogue. The major recommendations would be the Silver 3-Seater Sofa Bed which comes in faux leather, leather and fabric and can be easily converted into a bed whenever you want to relax and lay down. You can also choose the Picanto Max Corner Sofa Bed if you are looking for a proper L-shaped sofa bed which can replenish the aesthetic sense of your room.  


3. The ultimate trendy space savers

If you are worried that your TV lounge would not be big enough to have enough seating and might not accommodate people who come over, you will be meddling with a space issue. The Arthauss catalogue is loaded with the trendy sofa beds, which would be your saviour in the time of distress. You can find the likes of sofa beds which come with storage options where you can keep your pillows and bedding which can be taken out in case if there is a need for the sofa to be used as a bed. 

Arthauss gives the options of sofa beds with storage like Romano Corner Sofa Bed with Pouf which comes with the trendy faux leather and leather covering on the exterior and a classic storage option to store the beddings as well. 

4. Great for kid’s sleepover

If you have kids at home who love to hang out with their friends watching movies and playing games, your sofa bed will serve its purpose scene, it will allow the kids to sleep peacefully at night. You can choose the sofa beds which come with head and headrests to make sure that the kids are safe while sleeping. The options like Silver 1 Corner Sofa Bed and Bari 3 Corner Sofa Bed are the best options which will provide the kids with a sound sleep while ensuring that they are safe while sleeping. 


5. Long term investment         

They are an excellent long term investment as well since you will not need a spare or an extra guest room bed if you have a sofa bed. You can choose the one that suits your budget from Arthauss and get it delivered to your house. It will be worth every penny for you. 


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