Furnishing Ideas and Inspiration for a Girl's Bedroom

The bedroom is an important place of development and promotion for toddler, teenager and adolescent girls. But the differences in terms of individual needs, as well as the endless choices of furniture in the market, are so great today that it is mind-boggling to decide what to do and what not to do. In this blog, we will cover how these problems can be addressed and how you can go about setting up the perfect room for your little queen.

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Covering the Basics

Preparing a room for a child, in general, is always a big challenge – every parent wants it to be best suited to the needs of their child. For good reason, a girl’s room is usually one of the most thought-out rooms in the house. There are several fundamental rules that can make the furnishing process easy and simple. First of all, pay attention to the aesthetics – carefully painted walls and high-quality flooring form the basis of a room. Furniture, however, plays the most importance. It is always a good idea to choose something with neutral colours like white or pink, unless you are certain that your daughter’s tastes will remain the same for many years to come. If that is not the case, you may be buying new furniture every time their preferences change.

Getting a Bed and a Wardrobe

There should be a roomy wardrobe in every girl's room – all parents know that the children's wardrobe grows from week to week, as does the collection of toys. Most of the times, a standard two-door wardrobe is perfect to accommodate the belongings of a single child. In case of sisters, it is a good idea to buy a three-door wardrobe which provides separate and equal storage space for each child. This way, both the girls can enjoy each other’s company in the same room whilst having the privacy of their own, dedicated storage spots. 

Moreover, it is also critical for the right bed to be bought. After all, the importance of getting a comfortable, good night’s sleep cannot be stressed enough, especially for a school-going child. We recommend going for a bed with either storage drawers or compartmental space underneath the mattress. This way, whether or not the room is small, or the storage space is limited, your daughter will always have more than enough space to store her toys, dolls, bedding and other items. Bunk beds would also work nicely but the absence of additional storage space could lead to a cluttered wardrobe, and hence a messy room.

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The Need for a Desk

Getting a desk for your child’s bedroom is always a wise idea – even if they still have some time left before starting school. It allows the maintenance of a healthy posture when reading books, playing board games and, when drawing or painting pictures. If you are worried about the cleanliness of the desk, a practical solution is to put a colourful mat on the desk surface. It will not only make the furniture prettier but also prevent mechanical damage and scratches. This way, you will only need to clean the mat, and not the entire desk, once in a while. 

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Adapting to the Ever-Changing Tastes

Children, especially in their earlier years, tend to have constantly changing tastes. They are discovering their personality and likes and dislikes. So, keeping this in mind, the bedroom has to be cleverly thought-out. Children, in general, are very fond of colourful stickers and ornaments, placed on the fronts of furniture. Girls love all kinds of animals, fairy-tale characters and other vibrant decorations. Instead of buying any furniture with permanent drawings on its front, it is better to choose more versatile models and decorate them yourself with such stickers. This way, there will be no big trouble when the child's taste changes – even when their favourite Disney prince ceases to be their crush, or that beloved princess actually turns out to be an evil witch. All you will need to do is replace the sticker and there you have it; a new, refreshing room. This same rule applies to wall designs.

The Finishing Touch

Undoubtedly, the most important element in a girl’s life are her toys, dolls and little princesses! Every parent knows perfectly well that a child’s favourite items can sometimes end up in the strangest of places, and countless requests to organize them, as a rule, do not bring effect. A better solution is to buy multiple, small storage containers. They will allow your daughter to quickly clean the floor after, for example after building her doll house, without the laborious need to stuff anything in their already-full cabinets or wardrobes.

For this reason, furniture for a girl’s bedroom should be equipped with all sorts of cabinets, shelves and drawers. These are the best places for a child to store their most treasured valuables, including personal diaries and cosmetics. 

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Tips, Guidelines and Safety Precautions

A girl’s room must be a carefully prepared place – it is there that your child will spend the most time of their time, both during sleep and when awake. For this reason, it is worth ensuring that the room is health-friendly. 

Cleanliness is essential. There should be no room for excess dust. To avoid accumulating mites, it is recommended to give up thick forms of carpets, blankets, pillows and curtains – they are the ideal habitat for mites and can provoke allergic reactions.

Protection against injuries. When decorating a room for a young, playful girl, it is imperative to consider how safe the furniture is. This includes rounded edges instead of sharp ones, stable bases and strong legs to prevent furniture from falling, and robust dressers or cabinets in case the child is an adventurous climber.

Pay attention to the lighting. When arranging a room, you should not only focus on the quality of the furniture but also the lighting of the room. There should be right level of visibility, without straining the eyes. 

Sense of security. Do not forget about the small lamp next to the bed. It can make your child feel incredibly secure when they need light in the middle of the night, or if they are awoken by a bad nightmare. In addition, it is even better if the lamp has an adjustable light system. That way it can act as a dimmer, if your child cannot sleep in the darkness, or wishes to read their favourite night-time book. 


Every little queen needs a spacious kingdom for her to keep her personal trinkets safe and secure. Creating the perfect room, thus, can be a challenge – especially when the child has their own unique tastes and is not very happy to give up on them. Universal furniture, which allows for a variety of modifications, will work best here. When arranging a room, it is necessary to remember not only about furniture, but also about enough containers for toys, lighting and that the room is a place friendly to the delicate body of the child. If you take care of all these elements, surely the bedroom will become a dreamy chamber for your daughter.

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