How To Create A Stylish Hallway

Hallways are often ignored when styling a house. Almost always, the typical homeowner is so busy in embellishing the rooms that what the hallway ends up with is nothing more than a mere coat of paint and a picture of some random scenery. For one to have a complete, beautiful house, the hallway needs attention just like any other part of the home. With proper décor, it can do wonders in providing a warm welcome and forming a pleasant first impression. 

If you feel like your hallway is the neglected part of your house, then keep reading. Today, we are going to discuss some really easy-to-follow tips and ideas on how you can transform this part of your house and make it a unique sight in itself.

Storage Furniture

To start off, let’s talk about furniture. Is your hallway long and thin or broad and small, or a combination of both? Depending on the dimensions, you can incorporate a variety of furniture that can greatly enhance the room. You need to have at least the minimum without adding excessive furnishing that might obstruct the ease of movement past the hall room. For houses with big hallways and sufficient floor space, you can add an umbrella holder, a coat hanger, a miniature table for putting the mail, keys and other tiny items, and a cabinet of some sort, for shoes, for example.

Just a side advice, if you plan to use your hallway cabinet to hang your coats in, you need good air ventilation. You need to avoid any soggy clothes dispersing unpleasant stench and causing the circulation of bacteria and mould due to lack of fresh air.

Noko Hallway Set

Noko Hallway Set

Wall Utilization

If you have a compact hallway with limited space, don’t worry. You can still create a fancy and stylish space if you utilize the right furniture. By “right”, we’re referring to wall-hung storage solutions. These could be mountable cabinets, sideboards or even shelving units. Depending upon the width of your hallway, a shelving system could be a big bookcase or a small, single rack put high up on the wall with hooks or pegs installed below it.

A shelving system (or unit), unlike a cabinet or a sideboard, offers visitors an exciting peek into the tastes and flavours of what lies within your house. A family soaked in academics might exhibit classic books, framed degrees, or scholastic awards. The adventurous travellers may put up the most favourite of their foreign shopping items or souvenirs from around the world. Hooks underneath the racks likewise provide visitors a convenient spot to hang their bag or coat. On the other hand, small and medium-sized cabinets with closed compartments and stylish hinged or sliding doors might can also work.

Denver Hallway Set

Denver Hallway Set


These are yet another décor element that can add sparkle to our lives and enrich our home in an incredibly cost-efficient way. When used in a hallway, they can accentuate the style of your home wonderfully and create the visual illusion of an enlarged space. They are also perfect to do a last-minute check on your hairstyle and clothes, or make-up for the ladies. 

Today, an endless variety of decorative mirrors and fashionable frames are readily available. You can go for the trendy mirror with subtle and neat lines, opt for a gorgeous antiqued frame and create a timeless, classic vibe. Or, depending on your preferences, you may experiment around and become completely unique with the design.

Denver Hallway Set

Vibrant Lighting

Lighting may be the most essential factor to keep in mind as it is the only way to avoid a dull and murky atmosphere. If you have a facade lighting, it will welcome your visitors even before they enter the house. Having a well-lit hallway will create a bright and cosy atmosphere, particularly during the dark winter nights.

If you have something particularly eye-catching in the hall, for instance, a lovely vase with fresh flowers, or the stylish flooring you've just added, you can spruce this up by directing the lighting source on that specific element in the hall. You can have either table-lamps with a gentle and steady light, or a slender floor lamp that rests behind a large plant, for example. This can create an artistic blend of light and shadow in the hallway that gives a very intriguing effect.

Floor Design

The floor could be another feature of a hallway that bestows a welcoming message to any visitor. You can incorporate aesthetic elements to it by utilizing hardwood flooring which can be beautified with the addition of marble, terracotta tiles, or a lovely rug or carpet on it. It is useful to have a doormat on both sides of the door to prevent dust from being brought into your house and also to avoid any unexpected slips or falls.

Clock it Up

Contemporary hallways will luxuriate in being adorned with large, black frame timepieces along the length of the wall. Mount a series of clocks all at the identical height down the hallway. Set every single clock to a different time from destinations all over the world. Put a small card underneath each clock to illustrate where in the world that time currently is. If you have travelled, go for cities or countries close to your heart to make the décor a lot more personal. This unconventional, and timely, look will keep people dillydallying in the hallway as they stroll around the home.

Family Photographs

Photos of family members are the doorway to the soul of the house. They reveal the faces of those who reside inside during happy and memorable moments. Producing a framed wall collage of black and white pictures of the family members is a spectacular way to produce a personalized hallway decor. Select photos that show expression and joy. There must be an equivalent variety of images for each member’s face, particularly if there are kids in the family, to produce a well-balanced look to the collage.

Quotes and Phrases

Nothing is more special than a favourite verse or saying that has unique significance to a member of the family in the house. Stencil an expression along the length of the wall to develop a gorgeous appearance that will remind visitors and guests about the values of those who live within these walls. Stencilled expressions are a personal but economical method to share such words of wisdom.

Vinyl Decals

Decals are not just for cars nowadays. Vinyl art is rapidly turning into one of the most favourite design concepts for modern homes. It is fairly low-cost, can be taken off and re-applied without any residue, and it is available in an endless array of designs and shapes. The decals don’t necessarily need to be in the form of some wise words or fancy quotes. Abstract designs or symbols of personal importance can also work.


Just like the reception of a top-class building or an office is the first impression giver for any visitor, so does the hallway of a house. It is the first place that a guest comes across when they come to visit you. This is where they will get the real, first glimpse of the actual you, your personality and your taste. So, as the saying goes, first impression is the last impression, it is imperative to ascertain that your hallway, regardless of how fancy the rest of your house is, conveys a positive, welcoming and aesthetic message to your visitors.

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