How To Create The Perfect Dressing Room

Having a dressing room is a dream for many people, but having one doesn’t always have to be the end of your budget. If you think about it, the right dressing room just needs to provide you with comfortable space to move around and fit in all your clothes and cosmetics. With a bit of imagination and right furniture, you can easily create your very own dressing space regardless of how small your home is. Interested? Let’s find out how.

Select A Location

Every dressing room starts off with a location. Where do you want it? Don’t worry if you don’t have a spare room for this; you don’t even need it. There is no rule that says a dressing room has to be separate from the rest of the rooms. An ideal dressing space just needs to be clutter-free with ample lighting and in a location that allows unobstructed movement. After you've identified a room, start scanning the floor space and find out where you would like your dressing room to be. It doesn't have to be empty but it has to have some square footage that will allow you to later decorate it with your required furniture. For this reason, it is recommended to select the largest room (preferably the master bedroom) of your house as it will be more likely to have spare space.

Declutter The Room

The first step is to make sure you have a place for everything. In the case of your bedroom, this means clearing out all the things that don't belong in it. When you have removed all non-bedroom items, you can start to think about what you really need. Do you really need a dresser, or would a couple of shelves be more practical? If there is enough room on your wall, consider hanging hooks so that a few baskets can live there. Baskets are great because they are easy to move around and can be folded up when not in use. Consider using an over-the-door shoe organizer to store things like scarves and belts. This can free up another surface area in your room.

Don’t forget the commonly neglected areas either. Think about making space under your bed by using a slide out drawer or box (like those used for shoes). You might have space down there for some of your less frequently used items like out-of-season clothing, extra socks and other garments. This is especially helpful if your room has severely limited floor space.

Finally decluttering your bedroom, don't forget about the surfaces. Most people keep their bedside tables covered in clutter - phones, tablets, books and suchlike. Try removing everything from those surfaces except for one or two items that you use regularly - alarm clock, lamp and perhaps a glass of water. Although this is not necessary for a dressing room, it will make your bedroom look cleaner and more organized. 

Get The Right Furniture

(Diva Dressing Table)

Dressing Table

A dressing table is a very useful piece of furniture that can be used in any room of your home. It should have drawers to store small items like nail polish, tweezers, make-up brushes and lipsticks. You may also use it to keep other accessories such as perfumes, jewellery boxes and handbags.

Tables are available in different shapes, sizes and styles. When choosing one remember that it should be appropriate to the size of your room and match its décor. The space under the table can be utilized in a variety of ways – you can store shoes, handbags or other accessories.

The best part is, if your dressing table ever runs out of space you can upgrade it with a desk hutch. This will add additional storage without using any square footage and also provide you with more shelves and compartments (some models even come with built-in mirrors) to utilize.

Sliding Door Wardrobe

(Arti 23 - 3 Sliding Door Wardrobe 250cm)

Sliding door wardrobes are a great way to start designing your very own dressing room. They are multi-functional and excellent for creating the illusion of spaciousness, if your room is small, as well as reflecting more sunlight for brightness.

Sliding doors offer lots of versatility when it comes to interior design. You could opt for mirrored fronts so they act as a full-length mirror - perfect for getting dressed in the morning, or alternatively, you could choose to have fabric-fronted units with a different design on each door, perhaps something bold and geometric to stand out from the rest of the room's decor.

They come in all sorts of different styles and designs and can have an array of different features. If you are trying to create a glamorous master suite with an exclusive dressing corner, then look no further than a sliding door wardrobe.

Wall Shelf

(Zena Wall Shelf)

Wall shelves are a great way to give an extra shot of style to your dressing room. They can be used to personalize the space with your prized possessions and utilize empty walls to create much-needed visual symmetry and balance. The best thing about having a shelf on the wall is that you have easy access to everything that you need at all times because it is always within reach. You don't have to rummage around through drawers looking for things; it's right there on the wall where you can see it. You would also have easy access to things that you may forget about or lose such as keys, mobile phones or any other small items that are easily misplaced.


(Cremona Wall Mirror)

Mirrors are such an important part of decor that they should be considered an essential accessory for every home. They have many practical uses and can provide a great deal of visual appeal.

Remember, however, that unless the mirror is purely for decorative purposes or to visually enlarge a space, be sure it is not of floor-length. For your dressing room, the mirror needs to be hung at eye level. This will give you a view of yourself from head to toe and make it easier for you to apply makeup and style your hair.

But you can surely have more than one mirror. Just make sure they’re properly placed. Some good spots would be opposite the window, behind the room door, on an empty wall below a shelf or across a wardrobe to quickly check how you look from afar. Make sure, though, never to place the mirror opposite your bed (this can be creepy if you wake up and the first thing you see is your reflection), opposite the toilet or across any blank wall. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I live in a studio apartment, how do I find space for a dressing room?

When it comes to a studio apartment, it is crucial to utilize space-friendly furniture. It is recommended that you either sell needless things to create more space or replace outdated furniture with their more modern counterparts e.g., standard beds with wall beds, hinged door wardrobes with sliding door wardrobes, traditional desks with folding desks and so on and so forth. Using the right furniture can sometimes make all the difference.

What if my bedroom is fully occupied with other furniture that I cannot relocate?

It is very likely that your furniture is not multi-functional or you’re needlessly buying different furniture to store different things. We suggest replacing old furniture with modern storage solutions that accommodate more than one type of item and save you floor space. For example, if you have carefully selected the right wardrobe, you will not need a separate chest of drawers for socks and other small garments. In addition, you will not also need a dressing table. But, if space is still a big issue, switch to a wall bed. It can make a tremendous difference no matter how small a space looks. 

My bedroom barely has any floor space for so much furniture, do I have any hope?

Of course! Eliminate the dressing table from your shopping list and look instead for a wardrobe with built-in shelves and mirrored doors. Now all you need is a stool and you can sit in front of the wardrobe and utilize its mirrored fronts to get dressed while the extra shelves house all your cosmetics. Although this may feel a bit ridiculous, consider it a creative real-life hack.

I don’t have the budget to replace my old furniture and my bedroom has limited floor space, what do I do?

Utilize the existing furniture more strategically. Get under-bed drawers to store all small garments, socks and seasonal clothing and sell off any needless furniture like chest of drawers. If you already have a wardrobe and it doesn’t offer a well-segregated interior with multiple compartments and shelves, get rid of it as well. This way you will be able to replace your wardrobe at least. Here’s a great example of a functional, well-built wardrobe.


In the end, the best way to create a dressing space is to find the right solution that speaks to your needs. Whether you decide to devote an entire room or use an unused space in the bedroom, remember that organization and storage are key. Go for pieces that match your existing furnishings and designing preferences, whether they’re modern or more traditional in style. You’re sure to have a dressing spot that you love with a little bit of creativity!

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