How To Get Your House Ready For Easter

As the weather becomes warmer and the weeks go by, we get closer to Easter. Everyone is jumping at the opportunity to celebrate the coming of spring by turning their house into a glistening, seasonal dwelling. But just because it’s spring outside does not automatically mean it’s spring inside! Getting your house ready for this festive season is going to take more than just a few flower wreaths and Easter baskets; it’s going to take your full attention! After all, it’s also a great time of year to bond with your family and create some wonderful memories. 

Renew Your Home

The spring season is all about new beginnings, and that includes getting your home ready for everything from the arrival of spring flowers to Easter egg hunts. As you dust off the cobwebs of winter and make your home sparkle for the arrival of this beautiful season, try incorporating these tips for getting your house in a holiday spirit:

1) Do A Thorough Spring Cleaning

Make sure that every room in your house is cleaned from top to bottom. Dust all of the surfaces, sweep and mop the floors, vacuum the carpets and wash any linens or curtains. Make sure that you check all of the corners and other hard-to-reach areas because dust tends to accumulate there over time.

2) Spruce Up The Lawn

If you want to host an Easter egg hunt in your backyard, make sure that it is ready for guests by getting rid of any weeds or dirt patches and mowing the lawn so it looks fresh and green. You can also set out some potted flowers along your walkway or front steps to add some colour to your home's exterior.

3) Make The Outside Presentable

Sweep driveways, patios and walkways to remove any debris left over from the winter months. Wash windows inside and out so that you have a clear view of the outdoor festivities taking place in your neighbourhood - such as picnics!

Revamp Your Living Room 

Your living room will be the centre of activity during the Easter season, so make sure it's ready to handle all the action! The general meaning behind the holiday is that it celebrates new life and hope. And what better way to celebrate this than with a home makeover? Easter is a great excuse to give your living space a bit of a refresh by getting rid of anything that has outlived its existence. Don’t worry, we have you covered, here are the most essential furniture pieces to look out for:

(Cadiz Corner Sofa Bed)

Create A Spring-Friendly Seating Area

The sofa is the star of any living room and can make or break a space. Invest in large, high-quality, comfortable pieces that will stand the test of time and can be dressed up or down with throws, cushions and fabrics. 

Remember this room will be most used area in your home (even after the holidays) and as such, it needs to be as welcoming as possible. The Cadiz II, in this regard, is an excellent example of a quality sofa. Its soft colour scheme is soothing to the eyes while its scratch and pet-resistant fabric is perfect for families with active furry friends and young children. As an additional benefit, this collection and its parts thereof are all available in eighteen different colours to effortlessly match your existing décor. 

If you are not, however, in a financial position to splurge on new seating area, you can simply update your cushions and existing sofas with new fabric and colours. Go for shades that reflect the season - this could mean pastels, floral patterns or even faux fur.

(Evora 13 Display Cabinet)

Invest In Some Display Cabinets

A true holiday enthusiast knows that the festive season isn't just limited to a particular season or day. It's a mindset, a celebration of life and family that lasts all year long. Display cabinets are a great way to realize this purpose by showcasing your favourite decorations, personalizing your home, and adding a touch of personality. 

Glass variants of these cabinets, with glazed doors and shelves, are a wonderful way to exhibit your prized possessions. You can also add an extra dose of creativity to your Easter decorations by choosing a piece that is compatible with LED lighting. These soft lights can illuminate your displayed collections and create a captivating spotlight to attract attention. 

To avoid a cluttered and jumbled look, however, it is best to limit the pieces you want to showcase. You do not have to include all your collections in this space. Choose only the most special and precious ones and use them as decors.

Use Colourful Decorations

Whether you're hosting an Easter brunch or just want to put a little extra spring in your step, these fresh ideas will make your holiday celebration a hit.

Easter Mantel

Whether you have a fireplace or not, you can transform any mantel into an Easter focal point. First, add a few flowers — fresh or silk — along with some candy-filled glass jars and bright vases. Then, use colourful yarn to create hanging "eggs" that are fun to make and display.

Table Decorations

If you'll be entertaining guests this Easter, consider making some chic napkin rings like these that resemble the real thing. You can also dress up your table with some pretty centrepiece ideas using eggs, bunnies and birds. If you're going for something more modern and minimalistic, this geometric take on traditional pastels is just right.

Use Giant Easter Eggs

Have you ever seen those giant Easter eggs in the store and wondered how they could possibly be useful? We'll show you the answer: They're the perfect base for an adorable Easter centrepiece. Find a couple of large eggs at your local craft store, then decorate them using paper flowers, paint or pom-poms. You can even turn them into a stand for multiple smaller eggs. This is an easy project that's fun for adults as well as kids.

Fun Activities With Children

Easter is a colourful holiday, and not just because of the candy. It's a perfect time to show off your creativity, no matter what age you are. If you have children, it is an excellent idea to take your inner child out and become young with your little ones. The following child-friendly projects will help you in this:

Easter egg wreaths. This is a simple project for kids to do with an adult's help. You'll need a foam wreath, several packages of pastel-coloured plastic eggs and a hot glue gun. The kids can arrange the eggs on the wreath however they like. Then, you'll use the glue gun to secure the eggs in place. Add a ribbon for hanging, and you're done! It's fun to do this project with a group of children to see how differently each one decorates his or her wreath.

Chocolate bunnies dipped in sprinkles. Here's another easy kid-friendly project that makes great gifts for grandparents or other special people in your child's life. Buy chocolate bunnies at the store (you might want to choose white chocolate instead of milk or dark chocolate since it doesn't melt as easily) and put sprinkles on a plate lined with wax paper. Let kids dip the bunnies in melted white chocolate (again, an adult should handle this part) and then roll them around in the sprinkles until they're covered. Finally, wrap them up in cellophane bags or boxes that you've already decorated.


Be creative and use your imagination to decorate your home not only for Easter but for spring as well. This is a great time of the year to involve your children as well and create wonderful memories for later to look back at. The possibilities of decorations are endless so go ahead and experiment as much as possible, but make sure you’re ready in time. You'll be surprised how these simple acts can make this holiday even more magical and joyous than it already is.

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