How To Style Your Dining Room

Dining rooms are the hub of the home and the centre of its attention. They are the place where everything happens – family meals, birthday parties and get-togethers. A good dining table is, therefore, worth investing in, as it will last you and your family for years. However, with such an endless variety of table designs and materials, the choices can be become complicated. So, in this blog, we’re going to explore all the different options out in the market and how you can select the one perfect for your dining room.

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Selecting the Table’s Size and Shape

It all starts with a size and shape. Picking one that suits your dining room is imperative in creating harmony and symmetry. Depending on how much space is available, here are some of the most common choices:

Round tables: they are perfect for get-togethers as everyone can see each other easily. These work best in open plan spaces and large dining rooms, with plenty of space to move around. In solid oak contemporary styles, these look refreshingly modern and attractive. 

Mini-tables: if you’re tight on space, you can also go for bistro-style mini tables. They are ideal if you’re going to use your kitchen as a dining room and don’t want to take up too much room. Seating just two, they’re the perfect table for a romantic private meal, or a quick spot for breakfast.

Rectangular extending tables: they are a great way of including versatility into your dining room design, giving you the option for more dining space when you need it, and easily collapsing away when you don’t. Traditional bench-style dining tables add rustic charm, while materials like reclaimed oak add immediate warmth and character with the naturally aged oak finish.

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Each of these tables are further available in a myriad of sizes. So, once you select the shape, you will have a lot of freedom in finalizing the size.

Dining Table Materials and Home Styles

If we oversimplify it, there are two different types of materials a table can be made of; wood or glass. Some may also have a touch of metal, legs for example, or another raw element. However, we’re concerned here with what truly matters - which style of wood or glass is the right one to choose for your home. To make it incredibly effortless and convenient for you, we’ve listed below all the various types dining tables and the styles they fall into. All you have to do is figure out which style dominates your house furniture and buy a relevant dining table for it.

Traditional: traditional dining tables are wooden in nature. Everything about them is grand, even over-the-top in their opulence. The term “traditional” doesn’t necessarily engage one single period of time; rather, it mixes different periods into one lavish look. Traditional tables often use lush and rich colours, and glimmering (often gold) accents. The wood is dark and curved, often with ornate details. In fact, practically everything is detailed and embellished and finished with flourish.

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Modern: modern dining tables can be completely glass, completely wood or a combination of both. They are expectedly the opposite of the traditional style. Modern furniture and décor mixes form with function. It somewhat eschews the ornate beauty of traditional furniture styles. Modern tables can come in a myriad of colours and often use sleek, chrome designs with fascinating geometry. They have a subtle and neat shine on their bodies, with lacquered finishes. Everything in them is ergonomic, functional and luxurious.

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Contemporary: tables from this category are similar to the modern class, not only in name but also in their materials. They both use sharp edges and a sleek aesthetic design. The contemporary look also uses monochrome colour schemes, wide curves and sphere shapes, rather than just straight lines. This style also involves bold, solid colours, and makes use of emptiness as a statement piece.

Country: these dining tables can be described as quaint and cosy. They are all about feeling like home with a style that recollects an old barn or farmhouse. This style makes use of a lot of reclaimed or distressed wood. Tables with this style can be made, at least in part, of wood, with exposed beams. There are usually antiques scattered around. 

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Rustic: the rustic category comprises tables that are similar to the country aesthetics, especially in their use of wood and other raw or found materials. These materials comprise most, if not all, of the furniture in a rustic-style home. These tables make use of different types of wood, especially oak, metal and sometimes stone. There are often wood fireplaces in these homes, and the general vibe is comfortable and cosy one.

Shabby-Chic: tables in this category are irregular in their style, so a bit harder to pin down than the others. They are partly stylish but with a noticeable crusty touch. This style is inspired by combining everything else that we’ve discussed so far. The main characteristic is the wear and tear of the table bodies that cause them to look antiquated. Sometimes, a piece of furniture is purposefully distressed to create an outdated look. In a shabby-chic home, the atmosphere has a very vintage-like appearance with most of the furniture being reminiscent of a rural or countryside home.

Eclectic: even more difficult to describe are the tables of the eclectic category. Often, this style is a combination of all other furniture styles. This aesthetic is perfect for those on a budget, because it uses a variety of elements from thrift stores, as well as anything else that can captivate the eyes. This one follows no rules. The eclectic dining tables have no single standard of colours and the patterns they use are mostly bright and plentiful.

Handy Tips to Remember

When considering what materials will compose your new table, keep in mind how much care you are willing to put into it. Some types of wood are sturdy, and require only occasional polishing, while softer woods get scratched easier, and merit the use of a tablecloth. 

Tables composed of glass might not stain or get scratched, but can accumulate fingerprints and handprints – for such prints, any window cleaner can be used to restore the glass table to its original pristine condition.


As an important piece of any decor, dining tables should not be purchased without considerable thought and research. Your dining room is a key centre for social activity within your home, and the furniture you buy for it will in all probability be with you for years to come, outlasting multiple decorating schemes if not residences themselves. We hope this blog helps you and makes it easier for you to buy the perfect dining table.

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