In The Spotlight: Silk Entertainment Unit

The entertainment wall unit is perhaps the most crucial component to any complete living room. Apart from housing your television in an attractive and stylish manner, the right unit also attractively nests your electronics while simultaneously leaving them readily accessible and easily operable.

Say goodbye to the days of unattractive cables snaking across your floor and winding around your temporary stands; with the glamorous Silk Entertainment Unit, you will be able to hide all the clumsy wiring away in an organized and convenient manner.

What makes the Silk Entertainment Unit special?

This stunning and affordable contemporary entertainment wall unit combines a myriad of elements including, but not limited to, appearance, durability and style to give it its distinct reputation. Its modular nature and brilliantly designed furniture pieces allow the Silk Unit to be perfect for contemporary homes and apartments, big or small, minimalist or elaborate. But that’s not all, there are certain aspects of this unit that make it even more desirable:

Immaculate Finish 

With an attractive and sturdy finish, this entertainment wall unit is designed for both ease of use and is a great space saver fitting snugly and appealingly into any wall of your living room. You can’t go wrong with its flawless use of tempered glass and premium quality MDF fronts that coordinate beautifully with almost any decor.

Glamorous Design

The Silk Entertainment Unit is more than a television stand; instead, it is capable of manipulating the character of your home with artistic flair and style. With availability in three gorgeous colour combinations, you’ll find that family and friends will be constantly drawn to your beautiful eye-catching wall unit whether it’s time to watch the big game, the weekend for movie night or to simply unwind after a long day, someone will always be parked in front of this long-lasting, beautiful piece of furniture.

Illuminated Elegance

Captivate the attention with built-in powered LED lighting and highlight the decorations that reflect your unique taste. Soft, warm and just the perfect strength, these lights have been designed solely for one purpose – making your favourite belongings gracefully stand out.

Multiple Storage Options

Finding the right place to exhibit your prized possessions, decorations or travel souvenirs? This Silk unit specializes in catering to the needs of its users with its versatile, multi-purpose design. It offers a range of shelves, compartments and exclusive display spots where your treasured valuables will get the spotlight they deserve. Glassed compartments, broad shelves and a number of covert areas to store all your media accessories, DVD players, CDs and movies, gaming consoles, and all that you can wish for.

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