The Best Tips For Utilizing Your Display Cabinets

The line between an aesthetic cluster and a repelling clutter can be challenging to recognize when it pertains to organizing small items. Collections of glassware, crystals, travel mementos or souvenirs can seem like junk unless you showcase them according to the principles of three-dimensional design. Apply these guidelines to ordinary household items in a display cabinet and what you'll create is an unmissable spot to captivate your guests.

Having the Right Cabinet

Irrespective of size, the majority of cabinets have identical features. Almost all display units have glass doors and, in most cases, have glass shelves, wooden or mirror backs and sides for optimum viewing of the stored contents; some have LED lights installed on top to put the spotlight on your prized possessions. Display cabinets could be vintage and conventional or sleek and modern; choose one that matches your home the best. If you wish to give an existing or inherited display case a brand-new look, wallpaper it, or repaint the interior backing. Choose a light-colour appearance if most of your displayed items are dark, or opt for a dark background or paint to highlight light-coloured objects.

Berlin Display CabinetBerlin Tall Display Cabinet

Pay Attention to the Little Things

Décor and collections are birthed from personalised style and interests. Depending on your preference, you might want to fill up a display cabinet with a variety of decorative rocks, candy dishes, antique boats, model vehicles, porcelain figurines or miniature toys; the options are seemingly limitless. If you just want a green look, for instance, add anything from a bunch of jade grapes to old, emerald-coloured Christmas-tree adornments. For a mishmash effect, spruce up the display unit with a range of your favourite tiny items, from little, framed pictures to vintage trophies.

Big Things Are Equally Important

To create the right level of harmony, you should incorporate a larger item on every shelf for balance. Alternate the positioning of big items around each shelf at the centre and the sides, so the furnishing will not seem visually disproportionate. Some sizeable collectibles that might entice you are classical hardcovers, children's archaic lunchboxes or novelties or ornate jars. Arrange midsize objects in 3s for equilibrium and exhibit tiny trinkets by resting or hanging them on shrivelled driftwood, unadulterated willow branches or a pile of ragged old books so they don't seem out of place.

Olin 05 Display Cabinet

Olin 05 Tall Display Cabinet

Decorating the Cabinet Like an Artist

Step 1
Consider each shelf like an incomplete sketch that requires you to combine artistic pieces, books, and different aesthetic objects you love to complete the picture. Make sure to develop a focal point in every compartment and coordinate colours for harmony. The charm of a display cabinet is that you could be as flexible as you want in your approach. Display books with photos, or set artwork next to decorative plants. They don't always need conformity, what truly matters is creativity, individuality, versatility and style. If you change your mind someday, you can always change the arrangement.

Step 2
From cherished photos to artwork, favourite manuals and books, to timeless ornaments and exclusive vintage belongings-- why not consider incorporating a couple of plants or maybe a large aromatic seasonal candlestick in between personal items as well?

Mosaic 47 Display Sideboard CabinetMosaic 47 Display Cabinet

Step 3
It may look like an obvious strategy, when you are filling up the display cabinet with valuable belongings, regardless of whether it's books, vinyl, artwork or adornments, make certain your display cabinet does not look overly dispersed. Incorporating different heights to your shelves will make it a lot more fascinating to look at, too.

Step 4
If you wish to give a colourful effect to your display cabinet, consider adding a wallpaper or painting the back of the unit, behind the shelves. This will entice the eyes and add an interesting dimension. To display a glassware collection, try putting one- or two-coloured glass pieces to alter the whole feel of the display. Alternatively, if you are one for organised clutter, try arranging items by their colours. Books make an especially excellent example of how efficient colour-coding is, or exhibit matching porcelains for an equally eye-catching arrangement.

Step 5
Include a range of pieces into your collection, but select a common style for your cabinet, for instance, something that focuses on either only colour, subject, kinds of objects, or the material they are made from-- this helps you avoid a messy look. If you're opting for a synchronized colour look, don't have more than three different colours or shades.

Step 6
Keep an ample amount of space between each and every piece. Placing too many things on a single shelf will make it look chaotic, messy and untidy. Line up the pieces to size. Make sure to create a focal point in each shelving compartment, experimenting with different heights and colours for the best arrangement.

Step 7
Add a touch of nature with decorative plants, succulents or seasonal dried flowers. They're ideal for filling up awkward spots and mixing in a sprinkle of shades in-between more neutral colours. 



All in all, display cabinets are like empty canvases and you being an artist, can fill them up with different items, contrast their colours, create an artistic combination and whatnot, to your heart’s content. Just a few tricks need to be kept in mind to ensure balance and harmony, but other than that it’s all about you and your taste. We hope this blog helps you decorate your cabinet in the most perfect possible way.

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