The Resurgence of Murphy Beds

A Brief Glimpse of their History

At the turn of the 20th century, William L. Murphy, a colourful Northern Californian,
designed and patented the original “Murphy-In-A-Door-Bed". The idea behind this invention came from Murphy's own frustratingly small one-room apartment which was not only his bedroom but also a living room and a kitchen.

His invention was a groundbreaking concept! The original Murphy-In-A-Door-Beds were bulky and cumbersome by today’s standards, but they afforded a person with a real bed that could offer them a good night’s sleep.

Eventually, the concept of building smaller more efficient apartments, through the 1930s, was becoming a popular concept.

In the simplest form, a Murphy bed is a specially designed bed frame that folds into a closet or a cabinet. The mechanism itself is a counter-balanced bed frame, that holds a standard mattress. It opens and closes with little effort.

The Revival of Trend

Today, Murphy beds are growing in popularity because they offer convenience, comfort and they save you money. The biggest question, therefore, that you need to ask yourself is that why should you spend thousands of dollars for a room addition when you can transform wasted floor space into usable living and working space... beautifully, easily and economically!?

What has given rise to their popularity again is the same bunch of reasons that initially drove William L. Murphy to invent this magnificent piece of furniture. But what's wrong with standard beds, you might ask? There's a lot wrong. Apart from the obvious fact that these beds are tremendously heavy and are an absolute nightmare to move around, standard beds have failed to address the following problems:

  • They take over a large space permanently, cramping up the room if its small
  • Standard beds don't come in custom sizes so you can't order one that will accommodate your room's space
  • They have a limited variety of designs and the ones in use are becoming dull and bland
  • They lack style and convenience

The Versatility of Murphy Beds

The 21st century has enabled Murphy beds to become as much of a lifestyle as they are space-savers. They can turn any room into a multi-functional living space. Turn a spare room into an instant guest bedroom, turn a basement into a playroom by day and a guest bedroom by night, or turn a living room into an instant bedroom. Literally, any space can be converted into an instant bedroom and back again. It’s that easy!

Once the bed goes up, anything is possible. With a wide variety of sizes and styles, as well as custom accessories, Murphy beds can be the focal point of your room or blend into the walls like a built-in. You can add bookcases, a home office workstation or desk, entertainment cabinetry, drawer units, and pretty much anything else you can imagine.

It goes without saying, that with the high cost of real estate today, people are trying to maximize the space they utilize.

Murphy beds are a time tested solution to today's space limitations. More importantly, people are buying Murphy beds for their long-lasting comfort and ease of operation.

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