Tips for Styling Your Perfect Bedroom

Tips for Styling Your Perfect Bedroom

Privacy, solitude, relaxation—these are just some of the things that every room should have. A place of serenity and intimate moments, the bedroom is considered to be one of the most special areas in every home. That is why, when designing your own boudoir or private retreat, you have to make sure that you only choose the best materials, furnishings, and accessories that would make it the perfect oasis.


How you design your room is the most critical factor in creating the perfect bedroom. From the type of furniture you buy, their arrangement and even the colour combinations used can play a pivotal role in the overall style of the space. Here are some basic tips to start with:

Visual Arrangement

Colour Themes - Take note that loud, bright colours are suitable if the room is extensively used for studying and subdued hues are best if it is mainly a place to relax.

Lighting – Whether you want to maximise natural lighting over artificial ones or vice-versa, you need to carefully calculate this one since this particular aspect can give more “soul” to the overall bedroom interior.

Furniture - While traditional decorators install fixtures for its functionality, modern interior designers have learned how to use these as a complement to the bedroom’s overall design. Following are some handy pointers to keep in mind when buying or arranging your bedroom’s furniture:

a.) Style

When choosing from a wide range of designs, go for pieces that match the existing interior decoration of your living space. While you can experiment with futuristic looks, it pays to play safe and opt for simple themes that reflect your home’s entire appearance.

b.) Size

Of course, you should not forget to take into account the available space. You would not want to end up with a crowded room, right? Where is the comfort in that? To avoid wasting your money on oversized furniture, measure the ceiling-to-floor length and wall-to-wall width. Then, base your options to this measurement.

c.) Colour

Remember that you can never go wrong with white or black. But if you like to add vibrancy and a touch of sophistication, you can pick out complementary hues.

d.) Function

The term says it all. The furnishing must serve several purposes. Maybe, you can check out cabinets with storage space for all your clothes and shoes, so you will not have to buy a separate rack for your footwear. Plus, have a look at beds with storage space and other designs, especially those with sliding drawers underneath. With these selections, you have a good hiding place for your blankets and bedding.


These are optional but, if used properly, can add extra taste and life to your room.

Décor – Hanging framed medals on the walls or organising a toy car collection on the book display can add appeal to a dull wall.

Paintings – Put your favourite painting above the bed’s headboard or buy wall decals so you can add beauty to the room.

Key Mistakes to Avoid

There are instances when a beautiful vision turns into a disaster either because of too much excitement or lack of planning. Here are some mistakes you should be aware of:

Wrong Choice of Colour

Paint is one of the easiest and most convenient ways to spice up any living space but choosing the right palette is another story. Even if you already checked every home magazine and visited every design-related website on the Internet, chances are you could still pick the wrong colour for your bedroom. So keep in mind that choosing the right shade entails some deep thinking. Sure, that red boudoir that you saw on the Web looked perfect. But the question is, would it fit your own room? Or would you love seeing a sea of red every time you go home? The point here is that you have to be realistic about your choices so you would not end up scratching your head and wasting your money.

A Clash Between Furniture and Artwork

Beautiful framed paintings can provide that touch of colour or life that you would love to have in your walls, especially when they are painted in neutral shades. But in displaying these pieces, make sure that you separate artwork and furniture by no more than 10 inches.

Too Much Furnishings

There is a myriad of options for furnishings in the market that it is easy to lose yourself and buy the wrong french bedroom furniture and squeeze each one of them inside your sleeping area. But the trick here is to invest in worthwhile pieces like your bed, your dressing table, and your cabinets. These items can serve as decoration to your place without sacrificing functionality, which is very important to give more space in your room.

Finally, you have to consider privacy since this should be an area where you can enjoy that luxury. So even if an open concept for your bedroom and bathroom would sound interesting, try to think about it first, especially when you are sharing this place with someone else. 

Styling On A Budget

Your sleeping chamber is so much more than just a room for going off to dreamland. It is your own personal space and it is one of the places where you can fully express yourself, especially when it comes to your design preferences. If your tastes lean towards the fancy and extravagant things in life like leather sofas, then you might have thought about redesigning your drab and dreary bedroom into a luxury suite. However, you have one problem: your tight budget. If it is one of the things keeping you from pushing through with your plan, then you must know that it should not be so. Here then are some practical tips that you can apply in this particular home renovation project.

One of the first things that you need to focus on is wall colour. When it comes to this aspect, what you should remember is that no matter how wild or loud your style might be, you should save the bold and outrageous hues for other areas in your house. For your personal chamber, choose muted pigments such as light blue, sage green, and neutral linen as these give off calm and relaxing vibes. This move of giving your space fresh coats of paint in soothing shades is one of the most cost-efficient things you can do to make a huge difference in the overall ambience.

Next, consider another prime fixture in your suite: your bed. This is one factor that you should never skimp on. In fact, you should make sure that it is fit for royalty. You do want to feel like a queen in your personal space, don’t you? If so, then buy a mattress that is irresistibly comfortable for you. If you don’t have the funds to purchase a new one, then, as an alternative, you can breathe new life into the one you already have by using a down-filled mattress topper.

You should also do the same thing for your bedding. Go for high-quality sheets that have a thread count above 350. Remember that luxury linens do not have to cost you your entire savings. If you just shop smart, then you can find a good bargain.

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