Why You Need A Dressing Table

Whether it is about preparing for an event or grooming yourself, a dressing table helps in bringing out the perfect version of you. Can you think about leaving for a party without having the chance to check your face, or make sure the make-up is right? You can't be confident with your appearance if you don't take a good look at yourself. A dressing table helps in exactly that. It is there for you to let you know that you look beautiful, compliment you without criticism and encourage you to look after yourself. Apart from that, it signifies glamour and helps you to store all your beauty products, favourite trinkets and all kinds of cosmetics in it. 

So, should you buy a dressing table? Well, here are some additional reasons to convince you:

1. It provides a cosy place where you can dedicate time to yourself.

After a long day, there is often a strong desire to disconnect from everything and relax at a place that allows you some time for yourself, a time where you can pamper and look after your body. A dressing table is the perfect piece of furniture for your bedroom, a place where you can sit in front of the mirror, talk your mind out without stressing over the world- no questions asked!

Selene Dressing Table

2. You're the beauty and desire a beholder.

If you're seeking someone who admires you all the time, then owning a dressing table in the house can help you tremendously. As the saying goes, "Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder," keep in mind that you're the beauty, and your desire for a beholder is best met when you have something as practical and useful as a dressing table. 

3. It passes no judgement and never criticizes your appearance. 

Do you want to see how that new skirt of yours, or the recently-bought necklace, looks on you? A dressing table will give you a crystal-clear picture of your appearance from the perspective of others. You can use it to improve yourself, and check out whether the combination of jewelleries you wear, or the colour of your dress, does match each other and is in resonance with your intentions. So, the next time you smile at that mirror, it will smile back at you, reassuring you that no matter what anyone else says, you are beautiful.

Wing 60 Modern Dressing Table

4. The perfect piece of furniture for your cosmetics, hair accessories and other stuff.

Don’t have enough space to store your belongings? Unable to locate your favourite red lipstick before that much-awaited date night? Well, that won't be a problem anymore because most of the dressing tables come with a variety of storage options, compartments, shelving racks and drawers. These areas, although little in size, will allow you to neatly organize your beauty products and place them exactly where you want, therefore saving time when the next time you need them.

5. A subtle and classy dressing table is an honest companion.

There is something psychologically powerful about staring at yourself in the mirror, alone. A connection is formed between your physical self and your reflection, it is the ultimate way to regain your self-confidence and provide yourself a reason to look beautiful and conquer the day, every single day, no matter what the circumstances are, because you deserve the best. 

Handy Buying Tips

Here are some in-depth tips to keep in mind when shopping for a dressing table:

The dressing table you should buy should be an expression of yourself.

It must accentuate your personality, your ideals, your lifestyle, and the way you look at life. When you are a kind of an old soul then antique dressing tables would suit you fine. If you want to send out a message of cleanliness and purity, then a white dressing table would be fine. If you are big and want to show it, buy bigger bulkier dressing tables that show off your size. For the classier ones, get vanity dressing tables. For a more outdoor-ish feel, you can choose pine dressing tables.

Remember that your home should have harmony.

Each of your furniture should go together and help each other accentuate who you really are. They should not destroy or diminish each other’s effect and message. In a home that exudes modernity and new things, it would be really awkward to have an antique dressing table placed along with a modern style sofa and furniture. When you want to create a mood of elegance in a room, you don’t go just putting whatever furniture there. You should choose items that are in resonance with the rest of your home’s décor.

Glass Loft Bedroom Arrangement

Glass Loft Bedroom Arrangement with Dressing Table

Colour and texture are important.

It adds to the whole feel of you making your home. Furniture, especially dressing tables should blend with the room where you want to put them. The room itself must frame you not the other way around. It should make you feel that you are the star. It should be a comfort or a retreat where you can relax and be yourself.


A sophisticated and beautiful dressing table in the bedroom can relate with you on a personal level and become your closest confidante. Apart from the obvious benefits of having additional storage for your cosmetics, this is the only piece of furniture that will motivate you to get dressed with a purpose, every single day!

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