Five Tips For Buying The Ideal Bunk Bed For Your Children

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Designing a kids’ room is a fun job full of creativity providing a lot of room to add colours and artistic furniture pieces. However, it can be overwhelming as well if you are cramped on space or lack insight into choosing the right furniture. If you are short on space, Bunk beds are the best option to accommodate your kids while having rest of the furniture placed aesthetically as well. Cost effectiveness and durability are some of the major befit to name a few. Arthauss has been offering parents an opportunity to choose the right bunk beds for their kids. Here are a few tips and products to look out for while buying the best bunk bed for your children.

Choose A Wooden Bed

If you are looking for sturdiness and stability as well as longevity, opt for the beds which have a solid wooden frame. Wooden Bunk Bed Cris with Cot Bed or the Wooden Bunk Bed Monika with Storage are a couple of best listed products which offer a solid wooden frame coupled with a cot bed to keep your younger one safe all night. These beds provide the right value to your money while serving you for a long time.

Storage Over Everything Else

Bunk beds are an asset in the right manner. Not only you can create more space in the room with a bunk bed, you can use it for storage options as well. There are beds which come with storage options to ensure that you don’t have to buy separate cupboards or storage units for the kid’s room. Make sure that you choose bunk beds like Wooden Bunk Bed Blanka with Trundle and Storage or Wooden Bunk Bed Seweryn with Trundle and Storage. All you need to do is roll out the storage container out, put the stuff in it and slide it under the bunk bed.

Celling Height

It is important to ensure that you are well aware of the dimensions of your room especially the height of the ceiling to ensure that your kids are safe at the top bunker even when they are standing. Measure the height of the room and then opt to buy the right bunk bed for your children. You can go with a triple bunk bed option as well if you have three kids. The storage option with a triple bunk bed like Wooden Bunk Bed Seweryn with Trundle and Storage from Arthauss is an excellent choice to make.

Ladder Or Stairs

Make sure that you choose this point wisely. While stairs are a lot safer option for the kids especially the young ones, the ladder ads a bit of fun for the older kids. However, safety and the floor space are the bigger concerns when choosing the ladders or stairs. So make sure that you choose the right option for your kids’ bunk beds. Arthauss has been offering a wide range of bunk beds with stairs which ensure safety of the kids.

Mattress Consideration

It is better to opt for the mattress for the bunk bed from the same company from whom you have bought the bed. They will provide you with the ideal mattresses which will suit your bunk beds. A foam mattress of 5-6 inches is ideal if you want to buy mattress from a special brand. Arthauss has been offing mattresses option alongside their bunk beds range which you can avail easily.

Bunk beds are an economical, sturdy and effective option for a safe bedding for your children. With storage space and longevity, they will definitely be worthy of the money you will spend on them.

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