5 Tips For Choosing A Chest Of Drawers

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Chest of drawers are essential furniture pieces that serve many purposes in the home, from storage to decoration. While they may seem like simple and straightforward pieces, there are actually many considerations to keep in mind when selecting one for your space. 

This buying guide fills you in on all the essentials so that you can pick the perfect chest of drawers for your needs. From material and style to construction and use, we’ll cover everything you need to know about choosing a chest of drawers so that you can make an informed decision.

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Chests of drawers come in a variety of styles that can help you create the perfect look for your home. When you begin shopping for one, think about the style of your room and how the chest may affect it. Typical styles include:

Traditional. Traditional-style chests usually have decorative elements, such as curved legs, carvings or metal pulls. The finish is usually dark brown or black and made of wood.

Minimalist. Minimalist-styled chests feature a simple silhouette, clean lines, and unadorned surfaces; this style is all about reducing clutter. It is very popular in modern bedrooms and can seamlessly blind in decors focusing on simplicity and single tone of colours. Materials like wood and glass are typically used in minimalist furniture.

Transitional. Transitional-style chests have more modern touches and less ornate decorations. They're not as formal as traditional-style chests, but they're also not contemporary. Transitional-style chests have straight lines and no curves, but they may have natural wood finishes or painted finishes that tend toward lighter colours — such as white or cream — rather than darker stains or painted finishes like black.

Contemporary. Contemporary-style chests feature clean lines and simplicity in design. They're often made with veneers rather than solid woods to keep prices down and sometimes feature metal hardware for a sleek look and feel. Contemporary chests fit well with modern décor and furniture.

Industrial. Industrial-style chests are growing in popularity, especially in loft apartments. They tend to feature rustic materials such as metal and distressed wood, which can help to create a vintage feel in your bedroom. 

Modern. Modern chests of drawers feature simple design elements and smooth surfaces in neutral colours like white or grey that give them a minimalist feel. They often feature sleek hardware and chrome legs for an industrial look.

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The type of material used to make a chest of drawers can determine its appearance, durability and even the safety. Here are some things to consider when choosing your materials:

Wood. The most common option is wood, which is available in different types (e.g. oak, pine) and finishes (e.g. natural wood, painted). Wood chest of drawers are usually heavy and therefore not as easy to move around, but they are also sturdier than other options such as plastic or metal.

Metal. Metal chest of drawers can be lightweight and therefore easier to move around, but they may not be as durable as other materials such as wood or plastic. They are also not very suitable for family with young kids because their edges are sharp which may cause injury if mishandled.

Plastic. Plastic chests of drawers are usually the cheapest option, however they may not last as long as their wooden or metal counterparts due to the fact that they are more prone to breakage.

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Chest of drawers are available in a range of sizes, from tiny and narrow to tall and wide. While the size you choose is largely based on how much space you need to fill, it's also important to think about proportions. The following are the five most basic sizes:

Standard. The most common size, with three or four drawers stacked on top of each other is the most common size, with three or four drawers stacked on top of each other. It's also the most economical, making it a great choice for a first apartment.

Tall. This version has two rows of drawers stacked on top of each other instead of the standard three-to-four drawers. Tall chests can be used as a dresser in smaller bedrooms or as a media center when paired with a matching base cabinet.

Bachelor's chest. This style features three to six small drawers on top and one long drawer underneath for extra storage space.

Gentleman's chest. This style mirrors the bachelor's chest but offers more storage space in the form of deeper drawers.

Commode. This style has short legs and no visible drawer pulls, giving it an elegant appearance that makes it a popular choice for traditional bedrooms and hallways.

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Storage Space

It is important to consider how much storage you will be needing before finalizing your choice. The space you require further depends on your needs. Think about where the chest will be used (home/office), who will be using it (different people have different requirements) and what you expect to be storing in it.

How many drawers do you need? Depending on whether you have a lot of things that need to be stored, or whether you are short on items and just want a few drawers for socks and underwear, the number of drawers and their sizes can drastically vary.

How deep should the drawers be? Take into consideration what you’ll be putting in them. If you have sweaters or other clothing that needs to be laid flat, then shallow drawers might work best. If they’re not too deep, then it’s easy to see all of your shirts at once without having to rifle through layers. However, if the chest is very narrow overall, then the shallow drawers can end up looking more like shelves rather than storage spaces.

How will you use the space in the chest? It's important to think about how often you'll need access to what's inside before buying a chest. If it holds seasonal clothes and nick-knacks that only come out once a year, consider whether there's another place in your home where these things could go so that they don't take up valuable real estate within your bedroom.

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Comfort Of Use

Choose a chest of drawers with drawers that are easy to open and close. A unit with all drawers at the same depth is easier to access than one with differently-sized drawers.

Smoothly gliding drawers. The quality of the drawer slides can make opening and closing operation easier. The heavier the contents, the stronger the slides should be. Drawer slides are available in ball-bearing or roller types which are very durable, or plastic types that require less maintenance, but which may wear down over time. For added functionality, you can choose soft-closing drawer slides, which ensure smooth and silent closure without slamming. They allow you to close each drawer softly with little force and without making noise.

Big, easy-to-hold handles. If you have difficulty holding handles or opening large drawers, look for a model that has an ergonomically designed handles or lever mechanism on each drawer for easy opening/closing. A handle-free design is also a practical alternative, as long as the gliding mechanism is of a high-quality.

Wideness of drawers. While it's tempting to buy a chest of drawers based on looks alone, you should also consider its practicality. Avoid buying a piece with tiny drawers in which your clothes will be cramped and creased. If you store large items such as bulky sweaters, jeans or bedding, opt for wider drawers. For small accessories such as socks, underwear and swimwear, opt for smaller compartments such as those found on tallboys and lingerie chests. Consider how many compartments are necessary based on what you intend to store in each drawer


In conclusion, choosing the right chest of drawers is important. It's essential to consider a variety of factors when selecting a chest of drawers. There are many options out there, but you should keep in mind that the best choice is one that fits your needs and budget and complements the decor of your room.

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