The Ultimate Guide to Buying a Wardrobe

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Your wardrobe is likely to be the most important furniture in your room. Making a good choice, therefore, is imperative to avoid future regrets. For your convenience, this comprehensive guide has been written to cover all the essential do’s and don’ts of buying a wardrobe. You will also learn about the different types that exist in the market, including ones with hinged and sliding doors, their pros and cons, comparison with each other, durability factors and much more!

By the end of this guide, we hope to equip you with all the necessary knowledge that will help you in buying the best possible wardrobe for your bedroom.


Factors to Consider

Bedroom Size

The size of your bedroom can be a dominant factor in deciding what wardrobe to purchase. While it is true that a bigger wardrobe is more accommodating and spacious for your clothes, you have to make sure that it doesn’t end up congesting the room and limiting you from freely moving around, getting dressed and doing other common activities. The size you select for your wardrobe should comfortably fit along with the furnishings inside your room and fulfil your needs at the same time.


Quantity of Clothes

This is another crucial and often neglected factor. You don’t want to end up spending hundreds of pounds for a wardrobe only to find out that all your clothes can’t fit inside it. The number of your clothes, their thickness (winter clothes, for example, jackets and hoodies), and size are paramount factors to keep in mind when making a purchase. For increased convenience, consider buying a wardrobe that comes with at least one hanging rail.

If your budget or room size doesn’t allow you to buy a big enough wardrobe, a better idea would be to tuck away your winter clothes in a suitcase until the season actually comes. This will also help in reducing the clutter and giving you access to only the clothes that you really need.


Matching Design and Style

The décor of your room and the design of your wardrobes should be ideally similar so that the furnishings can match each other. If the wardrobe you are buying is for your child’s room, they will want to have something that matches the existing theme of their quarters. Therefore, keep the colour, design and style of the room in mind, or better yet take a picture of it along with you to help you with the wardrobe selection.

Special Features and Functionalities

If your bedroom is small, you’ll want to search for a wardrobe that serves multiple purposes. Examples of these include built-in drawers, a mirror of good size, a bar to hang your clothes on, etc. Getting a dresser nowadays is losing its trend and most of the homeowners prefer for it to come along with an existing piece of furniture.

In addition, if you’re not absolutely certain about the location of your wardrobe and plan to move it later, you can easily avoid the hassles of moving it by buying one which comes with wheels.

Needless to say, wardrobes are heavy and when they have clothes inside them, it can become impossible for a single man to move it unless of course, you’re the world’s strongest man. In such circumstances, it can be incredibly convenient if your wardrobe has wheels and you can just push it into the desired area.

Types of Wardrobes

Sliding Door Wardrobes

Sliding door wardrobes can be an excellent addition to your room. Not only are they fashionable but they also come in various designs and built-in features that can be incredibly helpful. Their installation process is also quick and easy, and can usually be done in under a day with minimal specialist equipment.


  • The doors do not extend out into the room when opened, so less space is required between the wardrobes and other furniture in the room.
  • You get to save a lot of valuable place in your bedroom or any other room in the house where a wardrobe closet is located.
  • The wardrobes allow for a wider opening within a single door width, so you can access more of your wardrobe in one go without having to open and close several doors.
  • Different finishes are available so you can easily find the perfect finish and design that matches the style of your home.


  • The doors are not angular in nature and hence limit the usage to a single plane
  • The wardrobes can become expensive if more stylish fittings are chosen e.g. a mirrored glass, hanging rails, etc.
  • Dirt can accumulate on the sliding track and can cause the doors to becoming jammed. This means one has to push these doors, which can often damage their track or the wheels.
  • A lot more maintenance and care are required for sliding door wardrobes. For example, a mirrored glass door can be easily dented or cracked if they are hit with something. They can also become visibly dirty.



Two Door

Two-door sliding wardrobes are ideal for people who don’t need much space or are on a budget. These come in various styles and designs so choosing one to complement the existing décor of your bedroom should be easy. The doors come in a wide range of materials such as simple glass, mirrored glass, the traditional wood or PVC. Some wardrobes have built-in drawers and hanging rails which serves multiple purposes.

The Arti 3 Sliding Door Wardrobe by Arthauss is a commendable example in this case. It comes in four different colours including the majestic black, the graceful grey, the decorous oak shetland and the chilly white. There are also two hanging rails, one on each side of the wardrobe along with cabinets and drawers to store additional belongings. The doors are made out of mirrored glass which gives your room the illusion of being larger. All shelves are removable and the user can configure them to their liking and create different sizes of spacings in their wardrobe.

Three Door

The three-door wardrobes take storage to an entirely new level. Although they are more expensive than their two-door counterparts, these wardrobes are extremely versatile and are capable of being the ultimate storage area in your bedroom. While some use a combination of different door materials, others are either all wooden or mirrored glass. Several drawers and cabinet spaces can be found inside them and most have at least two hanging rails so there’s an enormous amount of area to hang clothes or tuck them away on the shelves.

For those who find appearance to be a crucial part of their wardrobes, the Arthauss Arti 1 Sliding Door Wardrobe is perfect for them. Just like its predecessor Arti 3, the wardrobe comes in four different colours and a mirrored glass door surrounded by two wooden doors. The set also includes two beautiful bedside cabinets and a chest of drawers. All the shelves inside the wardrobe are removable and can be configured to make your own internal design. At the very bottom of the wardrobe are three drawers which are large enough to store anything, including professional equipment such as your laptop and headphones.

The Arti 1 wardrobe also comes with two hanging rails, each on one side. Once again, the hassles of paying extra for the instalment are no more as assembly instructions come along with the purchase and are incredibly easy to follow.


Types of Doors

PVC Sliding Wardrobe Doors

Most things that are made out of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) are mostly shiny in appearance. This is a common property among materials that are made of PVC. Additionally, PVC is a type of plastic resin which do not weigh much but is durable. PVC, by far, has found quite a lot of applications when it comes to construction. More so, different PVC colours are available so that they can fit in just right with the colour settings of a bedroom in which PVC sliding doors may be installed. Another good thing about PVC is that it does not fade colour even for years of service life which virtually rules out any painting job on them.


Glass Sliding Wardrobe Doors

Glass sliding wardrobe doors are usually heavy and fragile. But the good thing is that modern glass-making technology has made it possible to make lighter and durable glass sheets. However, though, one must be prepared to dole out more of the budget because they tend to be more costly. Two popular types of glass sliding closet doors are the mirrored doors and the tainted glass doors. Mirrored closet doors tend to emit a unique glow of luxury upon the wardrobe closet. Furthermore, they can also function as a ready mirror as one tries on the clothes about to be worn. A tainted glass door can either be a smoked glass door or a tinted door in some cases. However, though, a clear glass is seldom used.


Wooden Sliding Wardrobe Doors

Wardrobe doors made of wood typically emit an elegant look naturally found in most high-quality lumber. Their looks can be enhanced more with the application of lacquers and clear coats which results in a glossy and classy finish. There are many designs of these wooden close doors. The most popular ones are those made of louvred panes. The higher-end designs are those that are engraved with intricate designs and patterns which usually involve a high degree of quality craftsmanship.


Plexiglass Sliding Doors

These types of sliding doors for the wardrobes are gaining more attention and preference among many households these days. Plexiglas is actually a synthetic material made out of durable resin materials that closely resembles glass. This synthetic material is most commonly referred to as acrylic. Plexiglass materials are usually reserved for high-end applications where high degrees of durability are needed.


Sliding door wardrobes are versatile in nature and come in a wide range of materials. From different kinds of doors to the very number of these doors, pre-made and DIY wardrobes, absence or presence of drawers, shelves and hanging rails. A lot of features exist and one needs to make a careful analysis of what is needed and what is optional because each of these can increase or decrease the overall cost of the wardrobe.

For the best decision, contemplation is necessary to weigh out the pros and cons to figure out whether buying a sliding wardrobe is the most ideal option for you. If you want something cost-effective as well as stylish in nature with tremendous amounts of flexibility and internal space, the Arthauss two-door and three-door sliding wardrobes are the number one option.

Hinged Door Wardrobes

The hinged door wardrobes have been existing since centuries. They are renowned for being available in a countless range of captivating designs, textures and beautiful colours. Although they are more expensive than their counterparts, sliding door wardrobes, the hinged
wardrobes are still in more usage today because of the convenience they offer to their users.


  • They allow increased visibility as the doors can wide open in an angle
  • The inside surface of the shutter can be used to install extra accessories such as hooks and pockets to store belts, ties and other belongings
  • Since they are very common, hinged wardrobes come in a wide range of designs, colours and materials. Even the door handles can be decorative and made out of a specific material such as brass, stainless steel or antique wood
  • Hinged wardrobes need low maintenance as the hinges are readily available, are cheap to buy and can be easily replaced


  • They take up more space because there needs to be at least a 30 inches gap between the wardrobe and whatever is in front of it for the doors to swing open completely and comfortably
  • Hinged wardrobes are complex and challenging to install due to the precision demanded by the fixture of hinges and doors
  • These wardrobes are generally more expensive than the sliding door wardrobes. This is because they are more costly to manufacture and professional fitting and installation services require trained personnel.




The two-door hinged wardrobes are very common in small families. They can come in a variety of versions, the most common of which is where the inside of the wardrobe is divided by two shelves, making four compartments, two of which are for clothes and the others are for personal belongings. In some cases, there may be a hanging rail inside one of the larger compartments and a built-in drawer on the opposite side for extra storage.

It is recommended, however, to look for a two-door wardrobe which contains several drawers and shelves. Since it is already small in size, space has to be utilized to its fullest. An excellent example of this would be the Loft Folding Door Wardrobe by Arthauss which comes in the exquisite lancelot oak colour and is produced from a high-quality laminated board. The wardrobe makes use of every inch of the given space with six short shelves, two long shelves, two hanging rails and four drawers.



The three-door wardrobes are by far the most favourite of all homeowners. When the two-door wardrobes appear to be too small and four and beyond are too big, the three-door ones create the perfect balance between the size and storage space offered.

The designs, however, can be a deal-breaker for those looking for a colourful and creative piece of furniture as almost all of these come in different shades of brown where every door is painted the same. The Glass Loft 3 Door Wardrobe by Arthauss, however, ensures that the quids spent by the wardrobe seeker are not only justified with large amounts of storage space but also a visually stunning appearance.

The Glass Loft 3 Door Wardrobe comes in bordeaux oak colour with smoky dark borders outlining the various compartments on the front. It has six shelves, three hanging rails and is also produced from a high-quality laminated board.


The lesser versions of the five-door wardrobes, these colossals are also nearly as vast in dimensions as their big brothers. Although they are more common, in comparison, they too demand a substantial degree of space. Their traditional design includes visible drawers on the front along with four wooden doors. Matching them with the existing décor of the room can be a challenging task because most of the manufactured pieces are produced in the combination
of colours, usually white is always a part of them, that can only look good in certain rooms.

The objective, when buying these, therefore is to select one with a design and colour combination that doesn’t require repainting your entire room. The Multidecor 4 Door Mirrored Wardrobe delivers this point flawlessly. Its combination of elegant portland ash and natural hickory colours allows it to adapt to any colour scheme.

Just like its predecessors, it too is produced from a high-quality laminated board. It features four hinged doors, six drawers, four shelves and four hanging rails to safely store all your seasons’ clothes.



The five-door wardrobes completely transform the outlook of a room by providing an enormous amount of storage space. Their intimidatingly towering size and vast dimensions are often deal-breakers for wardrobe seekers as it means they’re both difficult to clean and challenging to protect from dents and damage.

However, some wardrobes are manufactured using special materials to ensure such problems do not arise. A notable example of this would be the Liverpool 5 Door Mirrored Wardrobe by Arthauss which has gorgeous alpine fronts and carcass made out of Sonoma truffle oak. It is produced from a high-quality laminated board which is robust in nature and considerably resistant to abrasion. The material is environmentally friendly and famous for its non-porous surface which discourages the accumulation of dirt and bacteria. The Liverpool 5 comes with numerous shelves, five hinged doors, the third of which, in the middle, is a mirrored glass, two drawers and three hanging rails.


Hinged vs. Sliding

There is no one definite reason to declare either of these wardrobe kinds to be the absolute best. Therefore, the selection and preference of these could be based on subjectivity. However, both have contrasting features and functionalities which should definitely be taken into consideration when deciding to make a purchase.

Variety: Hinged wardrobes have been around since ages and way before sliding doors were invented. Due to this reason, they are manufactured in a diverse range of designs and colours. On the contrary, sliding door wardrobes come in limited styles.

Visibility: Sliding door wardrobes have a metal track system on which the doors slide horizontally. They cannot be opened in an angle, causing one to have limited visibility over the contents of the wardrobe. On the contrary, hinged wardrobes can open angularly to a
maximum of 90-degree, allowing a complete view over what’s inside.

Space: Although the angular doors of hinged wardrobes provide better visibility, they also take a lot of space and cannot be opened comfortably if there isn’t a reasonable gap between the fully opened wardrobe’s doors and the room’s furnishings. Sliding door wardrobes, on the other hand, save this extra space.

Maintenance: Sliding door wardrobes require extra maintenance because of their delicate nature of functionalities. Regular cleaning is necessary to ensure the smooth movement of the doors and if fragile material is used such as a mirrored glass, extra care has to be taken to prevent dents and cracks. Hinged door wardrobes, contrarily, are easier to maintain, clean and repair.

Durability: It’s a common misconception that hinges are more likely to wear out than the metal tracks of the sliding door wardrobes. In fact, the metal tracks and the rollers of the doors are more likely to fail before the hinges. This is because they are not affected by an aggressive treatment. The same cannot be said for the sliding door wardrobes.

Type of Users: Sliding door wardrobes have a playful functionality but they are not meant to be played around with. Especially the sliding doors which may be fun for young kids but definitely bad for the rollers and the metal track inside. Hinged door wardrobes, on the other hand, don’t have such delicate issues.

The hinged door wardrobes are excellent for their low maintenance requirements and sturdy nature. They come in all kinds of designs, textures, colours and materials and one can have a considerable number of options to choose from.

Although they are more space-taking than their counterpart sliding wardrobes, their convenience of usage and hassle-free availability of individual components such as the hinges is a noteworthy benefit. However, as the number of doors increased in a wardrobe, their requirements for maintenance and cleanliness also become an overwhelming daily task.

The hinged wardrobes offered by Arthauss solve the problem of excessive cleanliness demands by using high-quality laminated boards. By having a lot more shelves and drawers, these wardrobes utilize the given space and allow for the storage of more clothes and personal belongings. The designs are also much more diverse in nature and greatly variant and creative for every piece.



Although it may seem like a daunting task to find the best wardrobe for your bedroom, it doesn’t have to be. The first thing to keep in mind is the expectations that you have from your ideal wardrobe. Is it lots of space? Is it the presence of shelves, drawers or hanging rails? Is it a cost-effective deal? Is it the appearance and matching design with the room? Once you’ve clarified these, the next part is to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of both the hinged and sliding door wardrobes. The benefit of one of them can be the limitation of the other.

Ultimately, the final decision can only be made by you. The wide range of sizes, designs and styles available for wardrobes shouldn’t complicate matters when you have a good idea about what you are looking for.

It may take some time to complete the full analysis of what you want and do not want from your wardrobe but, it is definitely worthwhile because what matters is your satisfaction. If you like what you’ve spent your quids on, you’re all good.

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